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Hi everyone–

I am a mathematical physicist, with a Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University, and am interested in starting a blog to promote consideration of the tachyonic neutrino hypothesis (TNH), originally suggested in an article by Chodos, Hauser and Kostelecky (Phys.Lett.B150:431,1985). I have already posted 3 articles related to this topic on the website, namely,, and At present, I am working on the aspects of the theory involving renormalization of the underlying quantum field theory (QFT) and unitarity of the S-matrix resulting from this QFT. In this blog, I hope to clarify (largely to an academic audience) roughly why I consider the TNH to be a topic worth considering as a topic in Mathematics/Physics, and, generally, what others have contributed to the topic, both for and against (along with my responses to these contributions). Down the road, I’d like to develop a web page compiling experimental results that either point towards or away from the veracity of the TNH (and by how much, i.e., best experimental bounds of parameters appearing in the tachyonic QFT described in my papers above would be listed), but for a very brief start (and to indicate the possible relevance of the TNH in current experimental particle physics), I refer to the 2007 results of MINOS concerning a direct time-of-flight measurement of the speed of the neutrino:, which finds it to be 1.75 sigma in excess of the speed of light.

Marek J Radzikowski


About mjradzikowski

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the American University of Afghanistan; Canadian
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